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       Asheville Mural Project-

       The Lexington Gateway

Public Art

From approximately 2007 to 2009, Kurt was involved in the design and execution of the Asheville Murall Project's "Lexington Gateway".  This ambitious venture set out to create a massive visual narrative below a overpass  in the heart of Asheville's downtown region.  The Lexington street area is known for its dedication to the counterculture, home to the LAAFFF and Downtownafter5 .


Collaborating with many other artists including Harper Leich, Molly Must, Steve Lister, Josh Spiceland, Daniel Smith and many others, we set about designing and re-designing this project.  It went through many different incarnations, and many designs never saw the light of day!  One of the big hang-ups was trying to get approval from the DOT.  Many of the other artists grew impatient and lost interest in this project, and didn't make it to the final execution.  

Thankfully, through the dedication of project director Molly Must and overwhelming support from community and numerous fundraisers, we were able to get this project off the ground.






Right: An older video, shot when the eastern wall of the mural was halfway complete.  Funding was a perpetual challenge with this project!

Above: detail shots of some of the areas of the mural that Kurt worked on.  



Left: Here, Kitty Love of Arts2People explains the origins of the Asheville Mural Project, as well as providing some information about the Lexington Gateway Mural. Video by Torri Dillard.

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